Friday, September 20, 2013

Best Prepaid Phone Providers That Your Phone Needs

If you're using a cell phone plan through one of this providers such as AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint… I'm sure you're paying too much. Since prepaid phone plans are with no contract, i have the ability to change any plan or move to an other provider at any time i want looking for high quality or cheap plans without any penalty.

best prepaid phone

  • Best prepaid phone Services :

Page Plus Cellular 

Page Plus Cellular is one of the greatest prepaid cell phone plan provider and is particularly popular along with former Verizon users. because they let you keep the same number, your current phone, and keep the same coverage you had with Verizon. you can choose to pay $80 a year or $12 a month for 2000 minutes, has also a negative side which is 4G is not yet supported and no unlimited data plans. 

Straight Talk wireless 

Straight Talk offers you two different plans: unlimited talk, text, and data for $45 a month or talk and text plan for $30 a month. Straight talk allows you to bring your current cell phone and keep your number, they support 4G on some specific phones such Samsung Galaxy SIII, make sure you ask of which network your phone uses. 

TracFone Wireless

TracFone is a very simple prepaid cell phone plan, you may want to check out this plan because it is different from what you heard before, they allow you keep your number, your old phone. They operate almost on all phone but you still need to ask them about your phone before you use it and everything, you can pay monthly for $9,99 or choose to pay as you go, like this you only pay for what you use.

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless gives you unlimited talk, text, and data plan for $19 a month, cheap right? and how that works? actually their operator uses something called Hybrid Calling which mean users uses WiFi for everything and when you don’t have Internet access they give you a backup from the sprint network. The bad thing is that one phone is supported which is “Motorola DEFY XT” at the first access to republic wireless you will need to get a new phone for $200, that's it.